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METHOD: systems to explore the past


The War Diaries

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English Medieval Campaign Game: 1066

1066 game

A wargame for one player to recreate the English campaign of 1066. The player takes on the role of the Saxon King Harold as he defends his throne from his rebellious brother Earl Tostig; Harald Hardrada the Viking king of Norway; and the Norman Duke William. The game includes the A6 colour map, printed on card, 12 plastic replica silver penny fortune counters and 11 chess pieces (replicas of the 10th century Lewis set) to act as army locators and intrigue markers, and a Haley's comet marker to record the 12 monthly turns. Warlords plot and launch their invasions while Harold heroically struggles to maintain his fortunes, gather the army and move in position to strike against his enemies.
Cost NZ$45 including international postage. To order the wargame set email


Adjutant Introuvable NZ$ [t.b.c.]


A card system of auto-strategy for model Battle Games

+  selects a suitable strategy for based on the terrain of the battlefield.

+ allocates troops for force divisions based on strategy and terrain.

+ provides and monitors tactics for forces each game move.